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List Of Internal Careers

We offer a fun and engaging work environment as well as 401k match, full benefits, and competitive pay with PTO for our employees.
Research Team
Recruitment Team
Marketing Team
Research Team

Our research team dives deep into our targeted searches to learn and acquire more information than what a resume or an application could ever give. They are highly skilled at obtaining and analyzing data about the competition and the job market. They have their hand in assisting every single department. What they do is crucial to our team’s success. If you are interested in joining our research team, please contact our Vice President of Operations, Yemi Branaman, for more information:

Recruitment Team

Our recruiters embody teamwork and open and honest communication. They are highly skilled at communicating effectively with others and establishing trust and consistency with everyone they work with. We are always looking for great people to join our family. If you are interested in joining our recruitment team, please contact our Vice President of Operations, Yemi Branaman, for more information:

Marketing Team

Our marketing department includes direct and digital marketing. Social media, email campaigns, business development, internal and external research, and data analyzation is just a snapshot of what our department is capable of. If you are passionate about our brand, please contact our Vice President of Operations, Yemi Branaman, for more information:

General Questions

Our recruiting process begins and ends with both our clients and individuals in mind.

    1. Job Intake: We conduct job intakes with hiring authorities to understand exactly what they are needing, the personality required to be successful and the skill set needed to get the job done.
    2. Candidate Representation: Consistent and deliberate evaluation of each candidate is done prior to representing their experience to a hiring manager. All individuals get to hear about the job, the requirements and personalities of the department to gain their interest level. Once interested, we spend time getting to know the person and making sure that we are consistently providing a clear representation of both parties prior to scheduling an interview.
    3. Interviews: We prepare both the individual and the hiring manager for their initial meeting. Our preparation is focused on clear communication of backgrounds, needs, etc. We help people make the most of their brief time together.
    4. Offers: Due to our ability to support both parties in the process, we are able to help negotiate an offer that is acceptable to both sides without the unnecessary “back and forth” that happens in most offer scenarios.
    5. Follow Up: Our recruiters are at their best when they are communicating with our customers. Whether you are an individual considering an opportunity or a Hiring Manager trying to make a decision, our recruiters are focused on consistent and time-sensitive follow up and follow through.

Open and honest communication is truly what makes us stand out from our competition. Through our process we guarantee:

    1. We will not “coach” individuals on what to say during an interview to get the job, but we will provide them with an interview prep.
      1. Tell the Hiring Manager “I can do this” vs telling the candidate what to expect and who they will meet.
    2. We will not “fluff” resumes – in fact the majority of individuals will not have one as they tend to be passive and not truely job searching.

We offer contingency searches, engagement searches, executive searches, and recruitment consulting options. More information on each one can be found here: Services

Absolutely! Our goal is to elevate careers and companies alike. Even if we do not have a current job opening that aligns with your skill-set, we would be happy to provide you with some free resources and consulting throughout your job search. A few resources are found here: Free Resources

Unemployment is at an all time low – especially in the insurance/financial services industry. We are at about 1.7% unemployment for the insurance sector – so if you’re planning on posting a job and hoping the right applicant will come along, we wish you the best. If you would like to be competitive in the job market and give yourself a fighting chance at recruiting the individuals you want, individuals who will succeed in supporting your growth and adding to your bottom line – you need to be using a recruiting firm that specializes in finding passive (non job-seeking) professionals.

That is FANTASTIC! You absolutely need one. Genesis works with your internal recruitment team. Our approach is always a partnership no matter what service you would like from us. There are many benefits of having an internal recruitment team, but there are many things that an internal recruitment team just cannot do without assistance. For example:

    1. Heavily focused recruitment on passive professionals
    2. Conduct market research on your competition
    3. Provide outside intelligence on your brand reputation
    4. There are 100’s of different reasons besides the ones listed to partner with our team, please contact us for more information. (link to contact us)

As far as professional recruiting goes, some of you may know of LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, or Indeed – but that is typically the extent of your reach? Although we cannot speak on behalf of other recruiting firms, Genesis operates as your partner in finding you the best possible individuals to fill your roles. We are experts in recruiting in the insurance industry and we understand that different companies require different approaches to obtaining and maintaining top talent. We only charge fees to the companies that hire us. We never charge individuals a fee. When working on a search, we work to organize, chart our efforts, and dig deep in the competition to make sure we have completely exhausted the market of talent options for our client partners. Our bespoke contracts allow for this flexibility while still being efficient.

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